Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza 7 will be used to demonstrate the power of Project Scorpio

The Windows Central portal, with the provision of some reliable sources, has obtained a partial list of games that Microsoft is going to use to promote the “most powerful console in the history” of Project Scorpio. In addition to the obvious internal studios, third-party partners also appeared on this list.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft will announce Forza Motorsport 7 in the coming weeks. It will become the flagship of Project Scorpio and will show what the device is capable of. In addition, the racing simulator supposedly will offer a real resolution of 4K.


Microsoft plans that all Project Scorpio facilities will also use the leading Xbox exclusives, including Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2. Demonstrations will also attract third-party games. Windows Central reports that improved support for Project Scorpio will receive FIFA, Call of Duty, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Red Dead Redemption 2. Most likely, these games will work in 4K resolution.

In addition, a few already existing games will make friends with Project Scorpio without additional manipulation. On a regular Xbox One often resort to dynamic resolution: when performance drops, the picture on the fly drops from 1080p to 900p. Games with this technology will be able to independently increase the resolution to 4K on Project Scorpio, says Windows Central.

Thus, Microsoft wants to assemble a library that will appear along with the launch of Project Scorpio in late 2017 and will be a weighty argument in favor of the console

In a fresh patch, Survarium cardinally processed equipment and weapons

Now the armor in the game is divided into light, medium and heavy. The thicker the armor, the better it protects from damage and the more it reduces the speed of movement. Simultaneous wearing of several items of equipment from one set now gives an increasing in the characteristics and opens up new skills. Wear more things from one “set” – get more bonuses. As the authors say, this mechanics makes the gameplay more diverse and allows you to fine tune the specialization of the player and his role in the team.

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Vostok Games has significantly revised the characteristics of all weapons: the parameters of recoil and damage, breaking through obstacles, as well as distance, scatter and even a recoil pattern. In addition, any trunk before buying can be tested at a special location “Tire”.

In addition, the developers are reminded of their plans for 2017, which they shared at the end of last year. Among the global tasks – joint tasks in addition to the traditional competitive modes. Vostok Games is going to build special cooperative maps with new types of characters, animals, and mutants.

The most popular heroes Overwatch


It has long been known that Overwatch is an extremely fertile topic for porn. Website PornHub summed up results of 2016 and took the trouble to place the characters of the shooter on demand.

Below – Overwatch 20 characters, which PornHub sorted by the number of queries in the search. In the first place, of course, Tracer, then there is a large backlog D.Va, and the owner of the coolest hip in the game gave way to a caring angel. Interestingly, Sombra soared to fifth place, although it was not known until November as it looks.

Finally, the main oddity top – 11th line. Can you immediately tell who is this Athena? But it’s just a disembodied artificial intelligence that lives on the location of the “observation post-Gibraltar” and transport MV-261 Orca. That did not stop Athena beat almost all the characters-men!

  1. Tracer: 2421530
  2. D. Va: 1544587
  3. Angel: 1218236
  4. Fatal widow: 992994
  5. Sombra: 474390
  6. 6 Mei .: 311 874
  7. Farrah: 213440
  8. 8 .: 118 ANA 711
  9. symmetry: 32352
  10. Lucio: 22808
  11. Athena: 17029
  12. Reaper: 7029
  13. McCree: 6423
  14. Genji: 3997
  15. Roadhog: 3661
  16. Handzo: 2048
  17. 76-Soldier: 1676
  18. Winston: 882
  19. Reinhardt: 453
  20. Bastion: 197

By results of 2016 the word “Overwatch” in the number of online requests PornHub stopped at the line below the “Japanese” but above the “an*l”. But the people of Russia were looking porn on Overwatch most of the rest!

Premiere of gameplay Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

mvc-20161203-mvc4detailsAs you already know from the last exhibition PlayStation Experience 2016, the Marvel and Capcom decided for the fourth time to figure out who among the characters of these two large-scale universes is the coolest and announced a new fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
In the same weekend eSports took tournament Capcom Cup 2016 so that developers indulged fans not only with the cinematic trailer but also with a fragment of the gameplay, from which it is clear that in addition to Iron Man, Ryu, Mega Man X and Captain Marvel, among fighters at least another Captain America and Morrigan from Darkstalkers will be available.

Meanwhile, Capcom and Marvel in one voice assured that the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be “affordable” in 2017, though hardcore fans need not worry.

The executive producer of Marvel Games Mike Jones and Michael Evans out of Capcom tell, the team specially monitored to ensure that the requirements for gaming skills did not fall. At the same time from the first day players can get up with his character much more than in the previous parts of the series. An Infinity Gems, completely changing your skill set, and did offer “endless” possibilities for gameplay. So even the masters of fighting games will find where to turn.

Stellaris: Review


Through hardship to the stars

Stellaris makes it clear that it is not like the others, from the start. Great music, the best way to convey the spirit of space research, and atmospheric art, dedicated to landscapes of distant planets, waiting for players already in the main menu. “Space Rangers” are immediately recalled, the success of which has been made possible due to the excellent work of artists and composers. Unlike most 4X, offering fresh gameplay, based on figures, graphs, and tables, the Stellaris does not forget about the mood and style.

As usual, a new game begins with the selection of its empire and the galaxy setup, where the coming battle for supremacy in the universe will occur. Designer civilization – you can choose the race of the six main types (there are even clever mushrooms), its appearance, biological characteristics, ethics and, finally, the form of government. Want to make the empire hideous reptiles, xenophobes, above all putting military affairs – easily. Also here you select the population of planets, the main weapon and one of the three possible types of interstellar flights.

Each of these features has a direct impact on gameplay. For example, the military dictatorship increases the fleet limit and reduce the cost of maintaining the ships, and peace ethics gives a penalty to damage the army, but it raises food growth. Selecting the starting characteristics is very important, and you must do it on the basis of the proposed style of play. Do not forget, however, about the role-based wagering – like many strategies from the Paradox, it will have a place here.

When the empire is finally established, it’s time to go into the unknown.

Galaxy Secrets

Again Stellaris striking difference from other games – if there is wild “rush” in the other games right from the start – reconnaissance ships have to be sent as far as it possible, to start an active expansion – here everything is much calmer and more interesting.

Research ship in orbit can be sent to explore the native system, and then the neighboring stars. As long as the object has not been investigated, you can do anything with it – a building of a mining or research stations are allowed only where scientists have already been.

For example, after a survey of the planet, you may receive a message that the researchers have found in it a mysterious artifact. It is possible to study, receiving various bonuses, but if it fails there is a risk of losing the ship. Moreover, the same starting configuration of the empire, too, can influence the outcome.

Everything is random here instead of the usual tree of technologies – in each of the three branches of science (physics, sociology, and engineering), we choose one of the options proposed technologies accident. Furthermore, some technologies available and instantly – using the most events.

Playtech+DC Comics=4 slots


Playtech software developer signed a multi-year contract with the studio Warner Bros, which will introduce its line of 4 new slots based on comic books (DC Comics). If you like to play online slots, as well as spend a lot of time reading or watching comics, it is your hour.

Such superheroes like Superman I (1978) and Superman II (1980), as well as the Green Lantern of the 2011 Man of Steel in 2013 with the Batman TV series from the 1960s will be used for creation new slots. Those who visited the ICE show in London, he has probably seen the original costumes from the movie “Man of Steel.” Playtech has already found a large studio, which will help in drawing and creating slots in the shortest possible time! Playtech spokesman in an interview at the conference said: ¬ęThanks to a new contract Playtech will be able to strengthen its position in the slot machine market in the premium segment. All the online casinos that use our software will continue to receive the best slots on the market, and a contract with Warner Brothers is just the beginning of our line of games updating! “.

We want to remind that the Playtech company during its existence managed to create more than 600 different games for different platforms and devices. These games are played all over the world, for instance, they are very popular in Poland and are available almost on each site and often they are free. The developer is a leader in slots market that offer only the most interesting and original stories in games for all gamblers. Playtech games can be enjoyed both on your PC / laptop, as well as on tablets and smartphones.